Writing New Identities: Gender, Nation, and Immigration in Contemporary Europe


Writing New Identities: Gender, Nation, and Immigration in Contemporary Europe
Gisela Brinker-Gabler and Sidonie Smith
University of Minnesota Press
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304.82094 W939
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At the end of the twentieth century the peoples of the New Europe are confronting changing notions of community, renegotiating borders and territory, imagining new markets and identities, and responding, sometimes violently, to the increasing cultural diversity that comes with large numbers of immigrants and migrant workers. The essays in Writing New Identities address the complexities of this moment of crisis and explore the interrelationships of nationalisms, genders, and representational practices from a variety of theoretical and critical perspectives.

As they take up diverse cultural texts-personal narrative, film, essay, magazines, poetry, fiction—produced across the breadth of Europe, from Ireland to Russia, from Sweden to Italy—these essays provocatively engage the following questions: How are women writing themselves into and out of the stories nations tell about themselves? How do multicultural subjects, with their diverse histories and subjectivities, enter those same stories? What impact might new forms of subjectivity have on the construction and deconstruction of national identities in the New Europe?

Writing New Identities is the first volume to address the strategies through which those who have all too often been left out of the story—women and members of ethnic minorities—negotiate the national cultures and traditions of the old Western European nation-states. In addition, the contributors assess the ways in which cultural production in the nation-states of Eastern Europe participates in radically altering national and cultural politics.