Per la facciata del duomo di Milano

Per la facciata del duomo di Milano
The Milan Cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete and is the largest church in Italy. Built around an older basilica, the Santa Maria Maggiore, the façade remained that of the fifteenth-century building until the beginning of the seventeenth century. This volume is a collection of proposals and designs for the new façade submitted by architects and engineers including Francesco Castelli, Francesco Maria Richini, Carlo Buzzi, and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Buzzi's plan—with the clever use of flaps in order to display alternate designs—is shown here. It was the basis for the final design completed in 1805. A surprising artifact of the papermaking process lurks in this book—a handprint impressed into the paper fibers! It is likely the vatman's hand, deliberately pressed into the freshly formed sheet in the mould.
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Per la facciata del duomo di Milano.
[circa 1656?]
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Per la facciata del duomo di Milano. [Milan], [circa 1656?]. Print.

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