A new systeme of mathematicks


A new systeme of mathematicks
Our copy of this edition has had a great deal of conservation work, and was disbound. The book is notable for its maps and figures, which take a good deal of skill to print. Anne Godbid (fl. 1678-1683) was the widow of William Godbid, (fl. 1656-77) who, in partnership with John Playford, printed a good deal of music.
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Moore, Jonas
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A new systeme of the mathematicks: : containing I. Arithmetick, as well natural and decimal, as in species, or the principles of Algebra. II. Practical geometry, together with the first six books of Euclid's Elements, as also the eleventh and twelfth, symbolically demonstrated. III. Trigonometry plain and spherical. IV. Cosmography, or a description of the heavens. V. Navigation, or sailing by a plain or Mercator's chart; as also by the arch of a great circle, &c. VI. The doctrine of the sphere, grounded on the motion of the earth, according to the old Pythagorean and Copernican systeme. VII. Astronomical tables, with tables of logarithms, natural and artificial sines and tangents, and versed sines. VIII. A new geography, or a description of the most eminent countries and coasts of the world, with maps of them, and tables of their latitude and longitude. / Composed by Sir Jonas Moore Knight, late Surveyor General of His Majesty's Ordnance, and Fellow of the Royal Society: and designed for the use of the Royal Foundation of the Mathematical School in Christ-Hospital. By His Majesty's special command.
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Chez La Veuve: Education
Printed by A Godbid and J Playford, for Robert Scott, bookseller in Little Britain
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Moore, Sir Jonas. A new systeme of mathematicks. London: By A. Godbid and J. Playford, for Robert Scott, 1681.

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