The state of the navy...

The state of the navy...
Ann Baldwin (fl. 1698-1711) was the widow of Richard Baldwin (fl. 1681-1698). While her husband was alive, Ann was active in the business, and controlled all of the accounts. It is likely that she also exerted some editorial control over what was published. The Baldwins were decidedly Whig publishers. Richard spent a good deal of time before the courts for his (their) "anti-Stuart, anti-French, anti-Papal" tracts and news-sheets," besmirching the names of James II and Louis XIV at every chance (Rostenberg 370, 372). His zealotry got him into a public brawl in 1681, fined in 1682, and jailed in 1690 (374, 378). Upon Richard's death, Ann continued to produce tracts, news sheets, satires, ballads and commentaries in the spirit of her husband (237 different publications over her tenure) (400). She was also very likely arrested in 1711 for her anti-Tory publications (402). Ann expanded upon her husband's single-mindedness, publishing a group of tracts, such as this one, that concerned social welfare--she was particularly concerned with the plight of English seamen, who had been abused by being served only rotten food.
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Hollander 0519
An English sailor.
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The state of the navy consider'd in relation to the victualling, particularly in the Straits, and the West Indies : with some thoughts on the mismanagements of the admiralty for several years past, and a proposal to prevent the like for the future / humbly offer'd to the Honourable House of commons, by an English sailor.
Printed for A Baldwin in Warwicklane
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Second edition.
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The state of the navy considered in relation to the victualling, particularly in the Straits, and the West Indies. With some thoughts on the Mismanagements of the Admiralty for several years past; and a proposal to prevent the like for the future. London: printed for A. Baldwin in Warwicklane, 1699.

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