Genealogy and Heraldry

Titles of nobility played an important role in Italian history and went through significant change during Cavagna’s lifetime. Fittingly, the collection contains important resources for genealogical and heraldic studies, including general manuals, originals and transcripts of wills and investitures, and registers of nobility. Royal, ecclesiastic, family, or city coats of arms are detailed and diagrammed in many colorful volumes. The collection is rich in histories and genealogies of noble families, as well as genealogical histories of different cities and regions across Italy. Works on orders of knighthood and chivalry and military religious orders, in particular the Knights of Malta, including their emblems and costumes, also feature prominently in the collection. Histories of royal families across Europe, especially the House of Savoy, also make up a significant portion of the genealogical works in the collection. 

Works Included