Chinese Newspaper Reactions

Early American Immigration Policies by. Siyuan Chen

After certain states passed immigration laws following the Civil War, the Supreme Court in 1875 declared regulation of immigration a federal responsibility.

  1. 1870: Naturalization Act 16 U.S.C. § 254
  • Denied citizenship to Chinese immigrants and banned Chinese Women from immigrating



Translation: There are 21 countries in the United States that prohibit public, private or local primary schools from enrolling in the law. The cause of the livelihood of individual farmers is difficult to solve for generations to come undergraduate students use foreign languages ​​to promote the assimilation of foreign equipment in the United States and the recent class migration. It is necessary to start with the breaking of the big landlord system. The British reformed the government. This was seen in 1870. The court decided that such state laws should be invalidated and the prohibition on teaching foreign languages ​​in primary schools should be lifted. The state funded the purchase of land and resold it to individual farmers in the form of yearly weaving prices to reward individual farmers. Since the implementation of this plan on the land, the results have gradually been achieved since the establishment of the Irish Free State and its government has been smooth. The Vladivostok New Election for Overseas Chinese Affiliated to Labor Unions with the Right to Vote. Pay attention to the completion of the billing of escaping. A bill has been compiled and proposed to the National Assembly with a view to purchasing land. The industry was able to make full use of it early. According to the proposal of Patrick Hogan, the Minister of Agriculture and Commerce, the new election method is applicable. Three out of six days held for those who have the right to vote. Soon there will be neither a single landlord nor a single peasant in the free country, and all peasants will be Brainworkers of course have elections. Peach North Korean expatriates also opened the registration of the Chinese in this election. From the farm cloud to the implementation of this Act, the cost required is about 22 million. The list of participants is no less than 2,000, and the number of Koreans is about 1,300. The naturalization law of the United States in 1919 It is a new precedent that foreign nationals who do not apply to Japanese should enjoy equal rights to participate in the political organs of the place of residence and the local people. A pioneering example may not be easily found outside the Soviet reform. Air Warfare Laws and Wartime Wireless Communications Laws Judge Lawe of the U.S. Supreme Court made a judgment on May 28 that One of the civil rights of the United States is allowed to those who would serve as U.S. Army and Navy servicemen during the World Wars. The Civilization Act of 1919 cannot be applied to the Japanese when it would flood the coast of the United States. During the Washington Conference, the United States proposed to organize an international committee to study and discuss the existing soldiers of the Garrison Fleet. Whether the various international laws and regulations can meet the needs of the new era should be praised by Britain, France, Japan and Italy. The U.S. Court of Justice promulgates the state law prohibiting the use of foreign languages ​​in primary schools. The Commission for the Revision of International Laws during the Battle of The Hague began meeting on November 1 last year. That is to say, those convened based on the purpose of fleeing and also participating in this committee include the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Italy, and Japan. The six countries of the Netherlands have compiled the sutras successfully, and the public can make a decision to give researchers in related countries a hypothetical position.


2. 1924: Asian Exclusion Act (Johnson-Reed Immigration Act)


Spokesperson of the Shanghai Office of the Japanese Embassy, ​​Minister of Intelligence Hirota, at 3:00 p.m. yesterday (26th), at the regular meeting of the Chinese journalists corps in this city, he made an announcement on the amendment to the recent US Senate meeting to restrict Chinese immigration. Opinion. Firstly, the Chinese Immigration Act, one of the US government’s Chinese Exclusion Acts, was cited. It began in 1882 and was officially passed by the US government in 1923. It stipulated that unnaturalized Chinese were prohibited from entering the country. Even if those who request entry due to special reasons, it is stipulated that the number of immigrants from each country should not exceed the amount for China, so only 107 people are allowed to enter each year. At the same time, it also restricted Japanese people from going to the United States. Therefore, the Japanese government once lodged a serious protest. The Japanese ambassador to Washington, Masao Uehara, sent a note to the US government. As a naturalized American, one should have the right to enter the United States. Otherwise, this inferior treatment is a great insult. The Japanese government regrets this. However, the friendly relationship between Japan and the United States must continue to be maintained. The improvement, if this regulation is followed, will cause major consequences in the future, which I cannot predict. When the United States received this protest, instead of making improvements, it used its usual style of protesting that the words of the protest text had caused major consequences, believing that Japan was intimidating the United States, and even asked the Japanese government to recall its ambassador to Washington. At that time, the Japanese people aroused great anger over this issue, and after repeated protests, they were confronted with strong words from the United States, which became more and more unresolved. Therefore, the outbreak of the Great East Asian War, this immigration bill, can also be regarded as an act. main reason. The insults we have felt in the past should be thoroughly calculated and resolved in this war victory. Regarding this time, US Senator Kenetti proposed to amend the Chinese Immigration Act at the meeting table, which is actually an expedient measure for the United States during the war. Considering its intentions, Gaimei knows that the lack of material aid to Chongqing has aroused disgust from the Chongqing side, especially at present, Chefang has a tendency to break away from the anti-axis countries, so the United States will use its usual tricks to amend the immigration bill, hoping to Ease, and win over Chongqing. According to the standpoint of the Chinese, it is not only the United States that restricts Chinese immigration. That is, Britain and British territories such as Canada, India, Australia, Malay, South Philippines, and Central and South America, etc., and the United Kingdom passed a bill prohibiting Indians from owning land in the South Philippine Federation. This is a bill that excludes Indians, showing that both Britain and the United States It is a disgrace to the East Asian nation to underestimate it. Therefore, the cooperation between Chongqing and the United Kingdom and the United States will definitely not achieve the final goal. The Chongqing side's attitude of opposing the cooperation among East Asian nations is really a mistake of the Chongqing side. And this U.S. immigration bill is not just a problem to deal with the Chinese, but a problem for the hundreds of millions of East Asian people. All East Asian nations should stand up and fight. Therefore, the United Kingdom and the United States look down on East Asia, not only China and Japan, but also the people of all East Asia should unite to expel the evil forces of Britain and the United States in East Asia.