Meet the Librarians

Image of Sarah W, Funk ACES Librarian

Sarah Williams- Head of Funk ACES Library and Agriculture Librarian

Liaison to: Agricultural & Consumer Economics, Crop Sciences, Food Science and Human Nutrition, and Human Development & Family Studies.

Image of SusanB, Funk ACES Librarian

Susan Braxton- Prairie Research Institute Librarian

Liaison to: Prairie Research Institute

Image of ErinK, Funk ACES and Vet Med librarian

Erin Kerby- Veterinary Medicine & Animal Sciences Librarian

Liaison to: Veterinary Medicine, Animal Sciences

Image of KelliT, Funk ACES Librarian

Kelli Trei- Biosciences Librarian

Liaison to: Integrative Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Image of JanisS, Funk ACES and Extension Librarian

Janis Shearer- Public Services and Engagement Librarian

Liaison to: Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications, and University of Illinois Extension

Image of MikeD, Funk ACES Librarian

Mike Dickinson- Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Agriculture Librarian

Liaison to: Urban & Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture, Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences