Books on Sustainability:

  Chapin, F. Stuart. Grassroots Stewardship : Sustainability Within Our Reach . Oxford University Press, 2020. 

This book gives examples of how individuals can impact our environment based on differet skils they may possess, and how each can be benefical for different sustainable initiatives. 

  Grant, John. Co-Opportunity : Join up for a Sustainable, Resilient, Prosperous World . John Wiley, 2010.

Co-Opportunity details the benefits of working together towards a sustainable future, and ways in which community driven initives can be particularly valuable for our environment. 

  Kasemir, Bernd. Public Participation in Sustainability Science : a Handbook . Cambridge University Press, 2003.

This book is organized by important topics and environmental issues, and then gives examples of how the public can interact with them to make a difference.