1. Candy Bites: The Science of Sweets 
    By Richard Hartel. Tells the fascinating science behind some popular candies; including facts, myths, history, and chemistry.
  2. Chocolate Science and Technology 
    By Emmanual Ohene Afoakwa. Gives information on recent advances in the science and technology of chocolate manufacturing and global cocoa industry; including reviews on production, operations, quality control, flavor experimentation, and alternative sweeteners.

Other Library eResources

  1. Food Science and Technology Abstracts
    A subset of Web of Knowledge, this is an abstract and citation database which provides thorough coverage of research in the fields of food science, food technology, and food-related human nutrition.  Subjects covered also include biotechnology, microbiology, food safety, additives, nutrition, packaging, and pet foods. 


  1. The Dos and Don'ts of Candy Making
    From Iowa State University Extension
  2. The Sweet Science of Candymaking
    From the American Chemical Society