Education and Occupation

The educational opportunities for firstborn gentlemen emphasized a classical education, on the assumption that they’d live off the wealth of the properties they owned (including colonial slave plantations in many cases) while someone else managed them. Second and subsequent sons were likelier to have a slightly more practical education, typically learning estate management, studying the law or to be a member of the clergy, or enlisting in the Army or Navy. A small subset of Regency gentlemen continued their self-education through extensive reading and group activities like scientific societies.

Works Included

The Way to Thrive

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Advice to Young Men

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British education

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Of Education

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England's Battles by Sea and Land

Selected image shows the death of Admiral Nelson.

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The Naval Chronicle.

This is the kind of periodical that the Miss Musgroves from Persuasion might use to track the movements of their friends and loved ones who were serving in the navy, such as Captain Wentworth.

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