First Editions and Contemporary Works

In addition to first editions of Austen’s novels, this page contains works by Austen’s contemporaries, including a handful of works mentioned directly in Austen’s novels. Austen’s characters often read poetry to one another, particularly while forming a romantic attachment. Romantic poetry is often taught separately from Austen’s novels, but the works are contemporary to one another, and in conversation to a certain degree: scholars have studied narrative irony in Byron’s and Austen’s works side-by-side, for example. Austen notes works by Byron, Radcliffe, and Lathom in passing in her letters.

Works Included

Pride and Prejudice

Call number: 823 Au7p1813

Mansfield Park

Call number: 823 Au7m1814


Call number: 823 Au7e1816

Sense and Sensibility

Call number: 823 Au7s1811

The Excursion

Call number: Q. 821 W89ex

Lovers' Vows

Call number: 833 K849OkEi 1806

The Corsair

Call number: X 821 B99CO1814B

The Mysterious Freebooter

Call number: 823 L34m1829

The Discarded Son

This is one of the novels Isabella lists in Northanger Abbey.

Call number: 823 R583D

The Mysteries of Udolpho

This is the second edition of the highly popular book that Catherine and Isabella discuss throughout Northanger Abbey.

Call number: 823 R11m1794

Northanger Abbey and Persuasion

Call number: 823 Au7n1818